6447 Miles  $40,000

Since 2004 that’s how many miles the Bike4Christ team has covered and how much money they have raised for charity! About 8 years ago Dave Crimi and Tom Cavanagh casually talked about the dream of riding their bikes across the United States. As they shared their idea with others it expanded and a short time later they were cycling from “Sea to Shining Sea”; San Diego, CA to Jacksonville, FL. With the help of a small support crew, Dave Crimi, his wife, Jody Crimi, Tom Cavanagh, and Craig Libby were the four riders who completed the 4 week ride.  That first ride in 2004 was 2,544 miles. It took 28 days and they raised money for several organizations.

It was a challenging but exciting journey so it wasn’t long before the team started discussing another trip. The second ride would take them from “Border to Border”. The number of riders and support crew grew. The team rode from Canada to Mexico along the Pacific Coast in 2007. It was a 1728-mile journey from Sumas, WA at the Canadian border to Border Field State Park at the Mexican border. That trip went from September 22 to October 13 cycling an average of 86 miles per day. Craig Libby, Dave Crimi, Jody Crimi, Jesse Stevens, Jeff Schwimer, and Steve Monks are the cyclists that rode every mile of this West coast ride.

The latest challenge was riding from Key West, Florida to the top of Maine. The physical and logistical challenges of this ride made it one of the hardest. This ride was August 18-September 11, 2011 and included a near collision with hurricane Irene. Here on our website are the stories and pictures of this latest trip. Steve Monks, Craig Libby, Dave Crimi and Jody Crimi are the riders that rode the entire way averaging 95 miles a day.

Each of these trips was made possible by the amazing support crews that accompanied the riders! They served selflessly night and day providing food, water, lodging, and all kinds of other help to make the trips a success.

The team gives glory to God for all they’ve been able to accomplish through His strength. They also give thanks for all the people who have supported them along the way. So many have been a special part of the Bike4Christ adventure! From the gas station owner that gave us water in Florida, to the friends and family that opened their homes to us, to those praying for us all over the country, each has played a significant role in helping us reach our goals!

If you’d still like to give to one of our charities in support of our mission, it’s never too late. Please visit our “Charities” page. Contributions are tax deductible and can be sent to North Park Community Church. The team paid all their own expenses so that all contributions given go entirely to the organizations they are designated for.

“Wherever you are and whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”  

1 Cor. 10:31



Have you ever read a story that takes an unexpected turn or has an unexpected ending and you’re left feeling and thinking, “this isn’t supposed to happen”. That’s how I’ve felt about the story of our dear friends Christopher & Katherine. Today we lost one of the godliest men and most amazing servants I’ve ever known. After spending 57 days in ICU, Christopher passed away. It’s hard to comprehend.

Christopher & Katherine were such an integral part of Bike4Christ! It’s hard to find words right now to express how much they have meant to us and it’s hard to say good-bye. We hold onto our hope in Jesus trusting we will see Christopher again.

“I am the resurrection and the life.[a] Anyone who
believes in me will live, even after dying”. -Jesus ( John 11:25)

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